Indiegogo crowdfunding

Posted on 22-01-13

The subscription service should be available in November. We are looking for Beta Testers to put the App through its paces. You will receive a year's subscription and we will give you a wearable fitness tracker as a token of our appreciation for your taking the time to assess whether GameOf.Life delivers the benefits we promise. The App needs the data delivered by the tracker to personalize your coaching program. 

G will help you achieve your target body shape by suggesting and monitoring the appropriate food and exercise plans that will enable you to meet your goals in the time frame you set.

It will monitor your sleep regime and provide visual and sound stimuli that will entrain the brain to give you healthy sleep outcomes.

Meditation techniques will help with stress relief and cerebral regeneration.

Last but not least, you will be encouraged to deepen your social connections and chill, and have fun so that life is worth living.