What We Need & What You Get:

Posted on 22-01-13


This started as a personal goal to do what was necessary to remain a player in the Game Of Life as long as possible.  It gave me a new zest and a desire to share what I was learning.
Having been a serial entrepreneur in the IT industry. I naturally thought about packaging what I was learning in an App so the curated knowledge could be shared. 

But to do this I needed to hire the right technical people.

I have been very lucky to have found a team that has successfully brought a nutrition App to market.  But GOL is much more than a nutrition App. 

I also stumbled on a senior Apple software developer who is doing research into AI.

And thus was GOLLY born.  GOLLY (Game Of Long Life for You) uses neural network methodologies to learn from the data it receives about someone so that he can direct the activities of that person towards the achievement of the goals that person has specified.

But if GOLLY is going effective he will need to be imbued with compassionate empathy.